The start of 2015 proved a very busy period at Celje School of Economics as we were planning a national seminar on January 22. Our aims were to support the discussion among stakeholders on the subject of inclusive vocational education and the transition of adults with special needs to the labour market, create an opportunity to discuss the critical issues directly with relevant authorities as well as present INVESTT project and models of good practice that have resulted from it. The seminar was attended by 80 participants. Some of our INVESTT SEN students participated actively in the programme too.

Our national seminar gave us a better insight into the situation regarding SEN students in labour market as prior to the event we were not really aware of all the issues that SEN students deal with once they have graduated from secondary school. Therefore we started our cooperation with a company who specialize in finding employment for people with special needs. This way our former students will no longer be left on their own to cope with their future as our partner will offer them a hand on their transition to the labour market if they decide this is the path they want to follow. To make this kind of assisted transition possible to as many people with special needs as possible, we contacted our former students with special needs and provided them with relevant information.

Another INVESTT-related activity was a lecture by dr. Valerija Bužan (organised by our partner CUDV Draga) that was intended for our first year students’ parents and SEN students’ parents. The lecture addressed the question of whether the child is not able or not willing to learn and prompted the parents to think about their domestic situation. According to the students’ feedback the lecture was a success as some parents changed their view on the matter after having attended the lecture.

We made a few changes related to UD too as all our students can now set the date of oral marking themselves. It proved to be the correct decision as we have noticed improvement in the students’ oral marks.

INVESTT has made a difference on all levels at our school and we are happy with the results. However, it is also our obligation to continue with good models of practice in the future and we are determined to do so.