Inclusive Education

By setting up a knowledge centre on inclusive education, we want to gather a broad range of different realities and success stories, and reach an important group of stakeholders, in a spirit of mutual learning and synergy. An effective inclusive education system could be achieved, where all pupils can develop according to their own and very special prerequisites.

This knowledge centre consists of different sections, containing each a specific piece of information regarding inclusive education.

The section ‘Inclusive Education in Europe’ presents an overview of the legislation, the practice and the progress of inclusive education in selected European countries. This information is the result of a comprehensive research at a national level carried out by national experts from the P2i consortium, led by Siegen University. The section ‘Country Specific Information’ provides you with information on the education system in each country. Some regional case studies are shown as well as several models of good practice per country. In the ‘Links’ section, you will find a list of useful links related to (inclusive) education and lifelong learning. The results of an evaluation research of the Index for Inclusion and other tools supporting schools in their inclusion process is available on the page ‘Tools to facilitate inclusion’. The easy-to-read page gives you a list of links from the different countries with easy-to-read material. Finally, we refer to our ‘Contact’ page for more detailed and country specific information on inclusive education.