INVESTT main publications (planning)

As of September 2013

  • Research report (EN): paper on the research carroied out at 'EU' level, including research methodology, research outcomes and overall conclusions and recommendations.
  • Research Report - executive summary (languages: EN, DE, NL, NO, SI and Easy-to-Read).
  • Strategy at EU level (S00) (EN), Guide for practitioners to work towards a Universal Design in local VET environments. It will include the employer's point of view.
  • Universal Design 00, VET programme /action plan based on S00 (languages: EN, DE, NL, NO, SI).

In 2014

  • Universal Design 01 + list 1 of reasonable accommodations

In 2015

  • A revised European Strategy (S01) - November 2015
  • A revised VET programme creating a Universal Design for learning environment (UD02) + list 2 of reasonable accommodations