Tools to facilitate inclusion

An evaluation research was carried out on some existing tools across Europe to facilitate inclusive education in the class room, with a special focus on the ‘Index for Inclusion’.

The Index for Inclusion is developed by the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education ( and has been translated in about 30 countries worldwide. The tool consists of a set of materials aimed at guiding schools through a process of inclusive educational development. In a nutshell, the index seeks to build supportive communities and foster high achievement for all staff and students.

Through two questionnaires developed by Fontys OSO in December 2011 (one at national level (PDF, 734 kB) and one at school level (PDF, 196 kB)), the P2i partnership evaluated the use of this Index as well as of other similar instruments in the implementation of inclusive education both at a national and school level. The evaluation was carried out in 10 selected countries, with a minimum of 5 schools per country being surveyed.

This research activity resulted in the ‘Analysis of the use and value of the Index for Inclusion (Booth & Ainscow 2011) and other instruments to assess and develop inclusive education practice in P2i partner countries’.

This comparative report was published in all partner languages and in an easy-to-read version: