Training Course 1 “Building a School for All”, Lisbon

Within the scope of P2i, the project consortium organised a 6-days training course on the further development and promotion of inclusive education in Lisbon from 3rd to 8th October 2011. It was a hands on course focused on ‘real life’ implementation.

Training course leaflet (PDF)

21 persons from 11 European countries participated in the course, which resulted in an impressive exchange of ideas on how to move towards inclusive education. Each participant developed an individual learning pathway, supported by a reflection and learning portfolio. The participants set their individual learning goals and monitored their achievement in interaction with their peers and with the tutor team. They developed a work plan to be implemented in their schools. Information and discovery sessions alternated with discussion groups, peer group support and reflection sessions.

Target group:

  • school heads and middle management
  • educational guides and counsellors
  • inspectors
  • administrative staff