Mona, 22 years old

On April 27th my internship in the home for elderly „F.“ in S., Austria, started.

I am there from Monday to Wednesday.

My work starts at 8.00 am and ends at 5 pm.

The internship is at the moment limited to the animation-area. The tasks I´m doing are playing games with the inhabitants, doing gymnastics with them, having conversations and going for a walk.

I´m very happy about the fact that the inhabitants take me seriously and that I am given the chance to learn a lot of things. So I´m reaching my goal step by step.

Irfana, 22 years old

I´ve been working in the kindergarten since one year.

I really like this work very much because I like to play with children or to do handicrafts or gymnastics with them or to learn for school because there are four children, who visit the pre school.

My tasks also include washing clothes and bringing the children to bed? I really love being with children. This is my big wish, to get a work with children.

In our kindergarten there are 156 children. In my group there are 19 children, one child has Down-Syndrom. This child just learned to walk. That`s all. Thank you very much for all.

Ferdinand, 24 years old

My workday starts at 7.00 am. Since March, 16th, I am in the internship for Fach-Sozialhelfer Behindertenbegleitung in the home for elderly in W. in B.A, Germany.

In my section there are between 3 and 5 nurses per workingshift. In this section live 40 inhabitants.

At the beginning I needed some time to become familiar with my work and the new situation. Due to comitted collegues I quickly learned the ropes.

I help with the breakfast and I help some inhabitants to eat the breakfast. After this I do the dishes. Then I make the beds. Once per week fresh bedclothes are delivered. This fresh bedclothes are put in the wardrobes by me.

At 11.30 am lunch is served. Some inhabitants eat their meal in the dining hall, others in their privat rooms. I help a lady with her lunch. After lunch we accompany the inhabitants back to their rooms. At 1 pm we have change of shift. Informations are delivered.

In the afternoon some inhabitants take a bath.

In a dayroom events take place regularly.

My work ends at 14.30 pm.

I like my internship very much!